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Not surprisingly my most popular post last week was the video/movie “2000 Mules”.

As hard as the left tried to bury it, and as obvious as Fox News was about ignoring it, no one, not even the powers in social media and mainstream news, can hide or deny the impact this movie has had on our nation.

2000 Mules is the fastest rising documentary of 2022. It shows hard facts and video detailing the cheating and deception that happened in the 2020 election. Even far left wingers were left in awe as they finished the reel of image after image of undeniable evidence of the extensive election fraud carried out in key states in 2020.

Check out the following piece by By AL PERROTTA Published on May 20, 2022. He lays it out real simple, from beginning ’til now, about how this whole plan went down. Lots of other great information and links in the article.

A Brew Special: Saying What Even Fox News Won’t Say … ‘2000 Mules’

2000 Mules documents to an indisputable degree the massive, illegal effort in the swing states to stuff those Zuckerberg-funded ballot drop-off boxes with hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots. The film uses cellphone geo-positioning data to trace the paths taken by 2000 of the busiest stuffers, as they went from box to box, making pit-stops at left-wing political organizations to restock with ballots.

Read more: 2000 Mules fastest rising documentary of 2022

Catherine and Greg, of TrueTheVote.org sat down with Epoch Times to discuss the 2020 election steal. This video is just shy of 52 minutes of complete, up-to-date information, surrounding the movie and the stir it’s causing with state election officials.

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