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“This is Amber. She is the County Health Director for St. Francois County in Missouri. She is trying to do her job but her safety, and her family’s safety,have been threatened by people who refuse to wear a mask. This is sobering. Please read this.”

– Amy, Jackson, Mo.

Amber Elliott, county health director, on the high cost of doing her job

I don’t really know if I should be talking about all of this. It makes me worried for my safety. I’ve had strange cars driving back and forth past my house. I get threatening messages from people saying they’re watching me. They followed my family to the park and took pictures of my kids. How insane is that? I know it’s my job to be out front talking about the importance of public health — educating people, keeping them safe. Now it kind of scares me.

Please read the full article at the source: A health worker on receiving threats from coronavirus deniers – The Washington Post

All I can do is shake my head. Is it all that much to ask? Just in case?

This woman is doing only what she believes will keep everyone safe and healthy. And she is threatened. And she is afraid.

What is wrong with everyone? Common decency seems to be out the window!


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