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One of my side gigs requires a few unique things that I just couldn’t find reasonably priced with US suppliers. When that happens to me I do the next best thing and learn how to make stuff myself. I decided the best medium for my needs would be resin.

So I jumped right in with both feet, grabbed the materials and molds, and tried out a few pieces. My bestie came over and we had craft night like a couple of kids.

It was awesome.

My favorites are the jars. These will work great for my hoards of seeds and craft notions.

Apothecary jars made with resin.
Tinted with coloring and mica powders with a little gold-leaf thrown in for good measure.
This jar holds about 8oz. of liquid and would be the perfect size for body creams, balms, etc..

I don’t think you can make any two pieces alike with this stuff.

I have specific pieces I would like to make when I figure out what I am doing but in the meantime it’s something fun to play with when my bestie comes over to hang out.

We might even be able to scare up a few gift sets for the holidays.

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