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Love to country cruise and I’m totally intrigued by the abandoned things I see homes, cars, businesses, bridges, barns, tractors, and so much more.

I usually photograph them so I can get a closer look later on.

I drive by this place frequently. I love it. I cannot image why it might be empty.

It’s the only home on the road. Well, the only home for the living. Just a short distance away is a small country cemetery with a few hundred residents. I don’t image they cause much of a fuss.

It’s a decent distance off the road on a nice flat piece of ground. I can’t say the yard is kept but the grass is always low.

It’s got a couple of nice buildings to the side. Equipment shed and a shop I assume.

I found the owner in county records and I am tempted to contact him and ask what is up with the place.

It’s just a decent looking little spread.

I wonder if the neighbors ever visit?

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