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I’ve never had much luck with African Violets. I’ve killed them from neglect, too much love, and probably things unknown to me.

A couple of years ago I inherited several Violets. They were old and some spindly and given my past bad luck with them I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out.

I gave several away and kept only three pots for myself. Each had multiple plants in them. One pot died right away.

I worked peacefully with the two pots I had left and we came to get along fine. Delicate, deep purple flowers frequently bloomed from their centers with little attention.

Then I moved.

I’m not sure what happened but I started having trouble with them. Couldn’t find the right window, couldn’t get the watering right. One pot died over the summer.

When two plants in the remaining pot started to wilt. I panicked.

I cut every remaining healthy leaf from one plant and left the other to try and get a grip.

Then I tried something I’d never attempted. I put the leaf cuttings on wet soil in a plastic box with holes in the lid. I closed it up and didn’t look at them for three or four weeks.

I thought for sure when I peeked I’d find nothing but rotten leaves.

I was super tickled to find crazy looking, tiny Violets sprouting from the cuttings.

Tonight I got brave and transplanted them.

They are about three months old.

When I worked this leaf from the soil it rooted in, all I saw was the new sprout on top of the leaf.
I was really surprised to see the action that happened under the leaf. I never would have thought about the new sprouts on the underside.
The tiniest sprouts were 1/8″ or less.
They don’t look like much right now. New transplants never do.
But after they take hold..
.. and fill out a bit..
I’ll get some pretty little pots made just for Violets and give them a snazzier looking, more hospitable bed.
This one is already just going for it. I hope I can keep it happy.
This one might take awhile.

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