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Who is Alice Oseman?

To be honest, I had never heard of Alice until a couple of weeks ago when I started hearing about the sexually explicit books she was putting out for children of all ages.

The first report I saw pertaining to Alice was concerning a mother at a school board meeting wanting to know why Alice’s books were on the shelves of her child’s third grade classroom. This mother was on video, furious, trying to read from Alice’s book, while the school board director demanded she stop speaking in such vulgar language as there were children in the room.

So, Alice Oseman’s books are ok to put on the shelves in a third grade classroom but unfit to be read aloud at a schoolboard meeting.

Right. Got it.


So here’s Alice.

Alice’s bio screenshot from her website.

I’ll tell you right up front that I am not a book burner. I think that books, good, bad, or inconceivable are free speech, not to be suppressed. Having said that, I believe the availability of books should have an age consideration.

Let’s face it: If an eight year old went to school talking about the content of Alice’s books, and told the teacher the info came form their parent, Department of Family services would be visiting that home of that child.

I can remember a time, not so long ago, that Alice’s books would be considered softcore porn and not suitable for small children at all but that’s precisely the market you will now find them in.

I hadn’t thought an more of Alice until I cam across a social media post by a mother, mortified what she had found on the bookshelves at her local Walmart.

Have a look at what had this mother upset.

Are these pages what you want your small child leafing through in the isles of Walmart? In their third grade classroom.


I was able to confirm that this is no hoax. These books are indeed in the children’s book section of the Sparta Illinois Walmart.

Also, these books are available to order through Scholastic which means they could end up in your child’s next school Book Fair.

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