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The following is something I found all over the net. Not just on social media, but on blogs, message boards, email chains, etc. I was seeing it literally everywhere.

At first glance I already knew this information (below) to be factual. Numbers change daily, but only slightly, and so far, not for the better.

Biden has been a disaster and not the natural kind. I wish more of you would have listened, or at least learned to check things for yourself, before you assisted in wrecking our country.

When things like this come up, all my dem/lib friends do, without fail, is deny, deny, deny or try to gaslight me somehow. Or, I get hit with, “How can you know?”, “Prove it.”, and other such nonsense.

“How do you know these things? Where do you hear this at? How do you know it’s true.”

Asked by my lib and dem friends

So I brought this into my own place to make it easier for you to do, what I do, and fact check these things.

Highlight each of the following bullets. On your phone: copy and paste into a browser. On a PC: highlight. right click, then choose “search Google”, or whatever the browser you use.

Research. That’s what I do if I really want to know about something. Give it a try.

  • Russia is massing troops on the border with Ukraine.
  • Ukraine is threatening to take Crimea back by force.
  • China is threatening Taiwan and its neighbors while also threatening our ships and Navy.
  • North Korea is testing missiles again and restarting their nuclear weapons program.
  • Iran has been emboldened and making more than their normal threats.
  • Israel is under attack.
  • Our southern border is a humanitarian disaster caused directly by this administration. The administration that promised transparency is hiding it and not letting the media have access.
  • Ford is closing a plant and moving it to Mexico after just bringing it back from Mexico because of the current Administration’s plan for Increased taxes.
  • Price of steel up 145%, Lumber 126%, Wheat up 25%, Food index up 25%, Cotton 35%, Silver 38%, Copper 50%, Soybeans 71%, Oil 80%.
  • Pipeline jobs lost.
  • Wall construction jobs lost.
  • 1.9 trillion in stimulus that funds the administrations pet projects and only paid a fraction to the people.
  • 29 trillion in debt with 4.8 trillion projected 2021 deficit before the 2 trillion dollar stimulus proposed today for the new green deal.
  • 9+% unemployment with millions of job openings that can’t be filled because federal unemployment assistance makes it more advantageous for people to stay home than work.

“All I’m saying is that you Biden supporters aren’t saying very much about the great things he’s doing, and it’s because the only positive things he has so far taken credit for were all put together and placed in motion during the previous administration by President Trump.” – Unknown author

Now that you have researched all those statements, you know too, that they are true.

Never until Trump did I ever feel the need to argue politics with anyone. But I felt the solemn need to promote him, and his politics, because I truly believed, and still do, he is the best thing that ever happened to this country. We needed a non politician, business minded person, to get our nation back to what it was intended to be.

Never before the 2020 election did I ever change my opinion of, or lose friends, over politics. But I certainly did both of those when I watched the Libs win 2020 election, and before when I argued common sense only to be met with blind hatred and disgust.

I blame you all. And nothing short of you doing better next time will change that.

And there is now silence in the corner, from most of you; those of you who ranted and raved and hated Trump for what you said was wrecking our country. Those of you who smack talked your friends behind their backs because they chose a conservatives political stance, some for the first time in their lives. Oh, and there was worse. You know it.

But it wasn’t Trump now was it? It wasn’t your conservative friends or the politician they supported.

There’s a crack in the dam now and the facts are constantly coming through- we know it wasn’t Trump, but big Tech, Social Media, and long time Democratic elite, that fueled the fires of racism, told all the lies (and got by with most of them) and then rubbed it in our face. All the while they line their pockets with illegal deals in foreign countries and supporting their party of higher taxes and handouts for us.

Big Tech even admits to manipulating all of us through marketing and social media; what we buy, who we like, who we vote for, and just about ever other aspect of our lives. They sell our personal information, they manipulate their users, and spread their own misinformation campaigns. There have been multiple exposing documentaries about this over the past couple of years, and yet there are libs out there still denying it.

What exactly does it take for people to get it?

And now, we have a whole new thing called Cancel Culture to deal with. And who is behind all of that? Why, Liberal Democrats, of course. I mean seriously, in what reality is it a good choice to remove the president of your country from social media while you allow terrorist platforms to remain?

So to all my lib friends, this mess is all on you. I blame you for every bit of it as I am sure a half a nation does. I can only hope you see the error of your arrogant ways and make up for that in coming elections.

We don’t need a popular administration. We just need one who can actually get the job done in the best interest of this country and all people who support it.

We desperately need something more than the puppets we are made to believe are running things these days.

  • Just in case you’re interested.

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