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It’s the little things, really. Bad days goes bright when you see your patience pay off.

Last summer I inherited a really neglected ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant. I immediately separated the plant at the root into three pots. There was almost no dirt left in the pot. Stalks that looked puny came off and I tried rooting them.

I shoved one stalk in dirt right off and rooted other stalks and leaves in water for a few weeks. I had them in dirt by fall. They all came inside with all my other greenery when the temps fell.

At that time they just looked like a stalk and leaves jabbed into the dirt. No sign of new life but oddly none looked terribly withered.

For months they have looked the same.

I only noticed the new heads a couple of weeks ago when they were out of the soil about a half inch.

The stalk in this pot was cut from the plant and went straight into potting mix. The leaves made better, and faster, roots in water than the stalk cuttings did.
It took a little more than half a year to see these crowns.

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