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I always let the bees and other pollinators have their way with the catnip before I start plucking the fat buds. I left this batch on extra long to make sure I got a lot of good seed for next year.

Catnip, while famous for it’s intoxicating effect on cats, is in the mint family, and makes a nice addition to herbal teas for humans. Unfortunately, it won’t make you as happy as it does your cat but the flavor and aroma are fabulous.

Think mild citrus and mint.

This batch drying now is all for the kitties. Just hanging the thick heads would take several weeks to dry them properly. A dehydrator would have them crisp in hours. For me, it’s a wooden box, lined with paper towels (to catch the seeds), on a shelf right under a ceiling fan that’s on 24/7. I should have completely dried catnip in about a week.

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