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While Musk continues censorship house cleaning at Twitter and touts an 80% free speech rate on his platform, censorship is alive and well at Facebook.

To illustrate how ridiculous it has become I’ll use my latest “fact checked” post.

The image is mine (shot 11/26/22) and never before posted to anywhere online. The verbiage on the image is a quote that I see all too often, and in my personal experience, a true statement. The words are often tagged as a quote from Teddy Roosevelt but in my due diligence I discovered that it cannot be confirmed that Roosevelt actually made the statement. So, I left that part off.

The above image is exactly as it was posted on Facebook.

And here is the fact check warning. Read the very bottom of the clip.

“There is no evidence that Teddy Roosevelt said this quote”

Do you see any mention at all about Teddy Roosevelt on my image? Anything at all?

I didn’t think so.

The fact check was on my post within just a few minute (less than five) after I uploaded it. And while I have been aware for some time that much (most) of what I post on Facebook is censored, shadow banned, and sometimes totally removed, the fact that I got fact checked by some $5 an hour idiot on a leftist platform speak volumes to me about how closely I am watched.

I should be flattered, I guess, that they think I might be worth watching, but I am not. I am a photographer, a mother, and grandmother, and although I have strong opinions about everything happening in this world I am careful to fact check myself before I share it.

I am of no real importance in the grand scheme of things. Everything I have posted about Covid, our elections, our government and those that conspire with them, has all been proven to be true. The only reason I have been fact checked at all is because my opinion does not follow the narrative of the people who think they are in charge.

The left is scared and grasping at straws.

To the left: you story is drawing to a close. I am anxious to see how each of you enjoy the dark.

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