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I wasn’t off work in time to make the beginning of the game, but when I walked out of my door and heard the crowd screaming from blocks away, I know there was plenty of oomph left in the game.

I didn’t change clothes (working from home it’s scary the things I wear to work in), didn’t get shoes, didn’t comb my hair- just grabbed my camera and purse and off I went.

I spent the better part of nine years of my young life playing ball on a field, now again, just blocks from my home. This small town rocks great athletes. I have friends, some fantastic athletes themselves, with children on that field. I had to see what all the commotion was about.

I only got the last inning, but I hear the whole game was a real nail biter. Still shots can’t quite grasp the electricity the whole park was charged with. Every person, me included.

Bottom of the 7th, we’re up, girls on second and third, only one out.

(Forgive me, but I was shooting from right field and I could really use a better lens for these things.)

My bestie’s granddaughter, Em, is on second base.

And then it happened.


Long hit, over the centerfielder’s head, almost to the fence.

It was awesome. The crowd went wild!

By the time I got back to snapping pictures, the girl on third (sorry, I didn’t get her name yet) made it home, Em had crossed the plate too, and the gal with the great hit (no name yet) was just headed home, not having crossed the plate yet.

But Coach Amy Howell, unable to contain her excitement, had already left third base and made it mid field, doing what I can only describe as, The Happy Dance.

So many happy tears streaking the dust tonight.

Well done, ladies. Good times. Good luck to you all this weekend as you play for the state title!

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