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Coulterville Light Display 2020- Photos courtesy of Jim Winet

My hometown does it up right for Christmas. Check out the lights!

It was a highlight for me, and every kid I know, to walk, ride, drive around town and check out the lights. I swear Mim and Gene Rice had stock in Illinois power the way they lit up their corner with a massive display. (Took up a whole building to store it out at my grandparents place!)

Then the Miles’ kinda took over that position and always had a big show, and still do. The lights in the city park grew every year, and I swear, could be seen from outer space on the map two weeks out of the year. It was always a highlight to check out when I went home for a visit.

This year, Illinois is just nuts with covid restrictions and everyone has to spread out. Soooooo, the light display spread out too, like up and down the two main strips in town. It takes a village and Holy Moly right?! Population 950.

Photos courtesy of Jim Winet

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