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I see people posting online about putting food out for the birds and small wild animals during the deep freeze we are having in the Midwest. I think they said we might get a warming trend on Tuesday; a whopping 7 degrees.

Three degrees and they are just waiting on the corn to fall out of the sky.
Image: Gila Todd

Don’t forget the water. Staying hydrated helps animals stay warm. Currently, in my area all outdoor water is frozen.

All puffed up in the blowing snow.
Image: Gila Todd

So next time you go to fill those feeders or scatter seed across the snow, stop to put a bowl of water out and I am sure you’ll find the critters enjoying it (and needing it) as much as the seed and scraps. I found that using a deeper bowl helps slow the freezing process; so fewer trips to swap the bowls.

A friend of mine is actually going a step above and puts out an electrically warmed bowl. Another told me today her horses troughs were crowded with birds trying to get a drink.

Bless you for doing any little thing to help the critters.

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