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Thought I might catch some big birds at the creek before work one morning last week. I am not sure why as it was a dreary, dismal morning.

Didn’t see an animal one all the way out to Truman Road. Not one. That’s pretty unusual.

When I got to Ketcham’s Bridge I jumped out and what greeted me was not fresh country air. It was putrid. I immediately knew there was something dead and big, nearby.

At first all I saw was something white floating in the water. It was too far away to see with just my naked eyes. When I lifted my camera and looked through the lens I knew right away what the floating object was.

What I end up photographing sometimes is not always pretty.

I looked over the rails and there was more. I went to the other side of the bridge and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

So much for a morning out.

Last I knew of, carcass dumping was illegal in Illinois, especially when dumped into a waterway. And something tells me that this wasn’t done by legit hunters.

Maybe, but I doubt it.

At any rate I am guessing that these are the last pics I might be getting of the pretty little does I have been photographing in that area. It’s likely them, floating and rotting with their legs sawed off, amongst all the other rubble people have dumped there before them.

I reported the dumping to the county but doubt much will come of it. The best I could hope for is that someone would clean up the rotting carcasses in a waterway but I’m not holding my breath.

Well, except when I cross the bridge with the windows down.

Just for good measure, this is the pretty little creek this all lies in.

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