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  • Ghislaine Maxwell‘s trial begins this month. She holds all the secrets to Jeffrey Epstein’s racket and all the elite pedos in our midst, most likely in our own government..
  • Durham is shaking the indictment tree on the Russia Probe and everything falling out leads back to ‘Ole Hillary and her camp.
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop will eventually be revealed and the Biden family must really be sweating that.

Now, Biden has the Feds busting in the doors of the actual truth tellers looking for a diary supposedly stolen from his daughter, Ashley Biden!

Orders give to Project Veritas clearing instruct the media group to not discuss the issue.

So what does Project Veritas do? They tell us all! Because they are truth tellers!

They will be making movies about this shit show long after I am dead. Truth is stranger than fiction; that’s for certain.

Get the popcorn.

Oh yeah, Let’s Go Brandon!

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