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March 31st called for high winds, hail, and tornadoes. Although the tornadoes and hail missed my immediate area the lightening show and wind was pretty outrageous.

The first couple of images below are over the fields behind Oakdale Cemetery. I managed to get a decent couple of shots off with the camera balance on the window and a long shutter speed. I was pleasantly surprised to see the layers; starry skies on top, lightning in the clouds through the center, and the peach color aura below.

The next couple of images are of the wall of rain I watched come in over the county line road.

The last couple of images were really odd because I spent 25 minutes watching that storm actually gather over that small house, all alone, out in the open. The clouds flocked to the location as if it were like a magnet while another wall of the storm was coming in from the south.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing because it appeared so ominous. I almost knocked on the door to warm the resident, my friend, Randy.

On any other night I might have thought it was just a freaky storm. But the night wasn’t just any old night. It was three years ago that day that Randy had lost his wife, Diane.

I wasn’t sure if his sadness, still so great, was pulling the storm to him or if Diane had found a way to come get him. Their love was such that I could doubt neither scenario.

It was quite a sight to behold and not one I will likely forget, ever.

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