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I have to admit, moving has caused me to miss a lot of people and many places.

Top on my list of places is Rolling Hills Farms.

Now owned by Clint and Kristen Carlton, the farm has been in Kristin’s Family for well over a hundred years. In 2007, at the time these images were taken, Kristin’s mother, Joyce, owned and was running the farm.

Joyce was kind enough to invite me out to check out the new foals that spring. I was super excited after hearing about all the commotion on the farm as one after the other came into the world.

They were all beauties.

Here are just a few.

The wavy tails were adorable.
Some of the foals kept the mares on the move. They strut and flit about the pastures like they are really something.
The Mini’s wanted in on the photo action too.
All the animals at Rolling Hills Farm are beautifully cared for, and it shows.
Happy grazing on 60+ acres just outside of Gordonville, MO
My favorite pic of the day.

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2007 | 06/01 RHF

If you ever get to Missouri you should check out the farm. They welcome visitors.

If you would like to schedule an actual tour, please call ahead to make arrangements.

Clint & Kristin Carlton
386 Taiga Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Telephone: (573) 243-0752 or (573) 382-8245

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