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Plandemic, a controversial piece for sure.

In the clip he calls it a rabbit trail. I call it a rabbit hole. And I went right down into it as soon as I watched the full length film. While in the rabbit hole I discovered reviews on the film from both sides of the table and a few teetering on the edge. Almost all of them were geared towards promoting the film as an antivaxer piece but that’s not what I got from it at all.

What I got was that Anthony Fauci, the jack-wipe that’s been in charge of this shit show of a pandemic, is the patent holder on almost everything coronavirus.

Fauci and others received funds from our government to study the virus and when the same government told him he had to stop working with Covid, he simply moved his operation offshore to China, to the Wuhan lab, and continued his research- with our tax dollars.

In summary, the man who is in control of this pandemic discovered it years ago, warned us of future pandemics, worked with the virus even after being ordered to stop, and did so with communist China. Everything along way was patented so that implies he is making money from all of this.

I couldn’t find anyone with a legitimate dispute for the patent claims. The legality of the patents is, however, in question.

The following clip is worth tying up 7 minutes and 14 seconds of your life.

Many platforms like Facebook have been trying to keep it removed.

I think you should have the option to see it.

It’s interesting for sure.

If that was thought provoking, and you want to see all the details, give the full length film a look here: PLANDEMIC – INDOCTORNATION.

I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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