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I have somewhere a good distance away that I need to be. But this is my current reality. It’s the view down the street from my house at midday.

Doesn’t look like much, right?

What does it look like?


Look closer.

Not snow.

Sleet, over ice- that’s what it is. Snow over this begins tonight. Six to nine inches they say.

So, not traveling in the city today or tomorrow it seems. Staying in, and safe, while the mess piles up on the power lines and the soft maples in the back yard.

Took Romey out and he wasn’t at all impressed with the slick, cold stuff.

The garden isn’t very impressed either. It’s just waiting patiently for me to strip it down, move it, and bring it to life again.

I am on it. I haven’t got any big lights up yet and I have so much more to get started but it’s about to get interesting around here.

The Borage will get individual pots by the weekend.

I haven’t planted in mass in some years. I hope this year to have enough to fill my yard and more. My last run of starting seedlings in this volume was in the early nineties and I made out great then and with almost nothing more than dirt and a back porch. Some of my seeds this year are older (collected years ago) and so I wait to see if them come out at all.

I am already enjoying the process of growing the fast sprouting borage, now only seven days old. I look forward to its small, blue, star shaped flowers, dusty green leaves, and the healing properties it will produce.

Just a note. 90% of the seed I am starting this year is heirloom seeds. That means non GMO’s that you can gather from every year and still get the same quality plants, consistently.

I’ll post more details on each plant that I can get to sprout and as they grow to maturity. I am hoping for a good lineup for my first big try in a long while.

I feel good about it. I am excited to give it a go.

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