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I regularly cruise a small portion of Southern Illinois and infrequently I will see Canadian Geese; usually no more than three at a time. It’s just odd in contrast to the days where I both loved and hated the sight of them because they were everywhere I looked, including my own front yard.

Not so long ago I lived in a small place on a lake in Missouri. In the center of the lake there was an island which was noted by the state as a natural habitat for the Canadians and it reeked havoc on our lake of forty acres. No body of water should be home to more than two birds per acre.

As I witnessed many seasons, we had more resident geese than our lake should have allowed.

Following is a gallery from Memorial weekend 2020. Regardless of management hatchlings were everywhere and families were enjoying the deep (dam) end of the lake. The competition was fierce with some of the males in the crowd with lots wing flapping and honking going on.

Every time I look through this batch of images I hear a song in my head: “One of these things just doesn’t belong here, one of these things just isn’t the same…”

Have a look through he gallery below and see if you can spot what makes me think of that little tune.

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