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A lot goes on around my place. All sorts of eclectic things and sometimes I end up with too much of a good thing. I also have some pretty handy friends and loved ones. I’ll share their skills and good here too.


I love plants. My yard and home are full of them. With my hiatus from portrait gigs I have had time to play in the dirt a little more than usual.

I brought in a bunch of plants this year. You can see some of them here…

Plants for Sale

For locals, I keep plenty on hand if you need a gift or just something to liven up a bare window. I have several really neat baskets hanging around to nestle plants in as well.

Prices vary. Contact me for current stock.

Smell Goodz…

I no longer sell this brand and I have a bit of a stash left over. I could use it all, and love it, but I really should just pass some along.

That’s great news for you because I am selling it off at my cost. Check out the link for all the smell goodz!

Cleaning out my Smell Goodz Stash

My Mama’s Blankets

Mom’s been crocheting for more than four decades and she is awesome at it. Not just because she is my mother; she really is a perfectionist in every stitch.

She makes so many afghans she runs out of room and we have to get her to part with some.

She’s at that point, and here in the Midwest, it’s a perfect time to pass some along. Brrrrrrr…

Go have a look at My Mama’s Blankets

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