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The past couple of years have been rough on all of us, even if we don’t realize or acknowledge it. Seems like I have been watching the old Flash Gordon flics of my childhood unfold right before my eyes.

Lost live, secrets revealed, lies exposed. germ warfare (my own prediction) economic catastrophe, government upheaval, artificial intelligence, news you cannot believe, cover ups, hoaxes, crimes committed (by elite) in broad daylight that go unpunished, censorship, propaganda unleashed, riots, looting, growing crime, cities under siege for weeks by citizens.

All of this, and more, in just the last 24 months. And sadly, I could go on and on.

I myself have said that we are all going straight to hell in a handbasket. And we might, but not right now.

These are crazy times but not yet the end of them.

The problem is not “we the people.”

It’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

Hang in there.

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