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Three years ago Harry was adopted from a bootheel shelter by a lady truck driver from Canada. And then there's Walter.

Three years ago Harry was adopted from a bootheel shelter by a lady truck driver from Canada.

Brenda Ellah had seen Harry’s picture on the Caruthersville Humane Society at Hayti’s Facebook page and fell in love. It wasn’t long before Brenda was calling the shelter to arrange a meeting and setting up a trip through the bootheel.

The meeting was a hit, the adoption was arranged, and Harry was soon off to live a fantastic new life with his new sister Portia in the cool climates of Canada.

Harry and Portia enjoy a family life with long walks and car rides with Brenda and her husband. They spend their days squirrel watching and chipmunk seeking together, among many other adventures in their spacious, fenced back yard.

Brenda posts about the pair frequently on her Facebook page.

In recent months Brenda got the notion she might like to add to her little fur family across the boarder. Low and behold, what pops up in her Facebook feed, but a picture of an adorable little terrier available for adoption at the very same animal shelter she adopted Harry from.

Image: Brenda Ellah
Image: Brenda Ellah

With frequent assignments in the states, Brenda set up a run through the bootheel to meet the new pup.

As soon as she met him she knew he was meant to join Harry and Portia back home in Canada. Arrangements were made and Brenda’s new baby went back to Canada with her.

It took Brenda awhile to name the little man. He was full of personality and more rambunctious than Harry or Portia ever were. Still a puppy, he was filled with energy , into everything, and didn’t sleep much his first few days in his new home.

She finally settled on Walter, and it suits him.

Image: Brenda Ellah

From being rescued from the streets of a small Missouri town, to living large in Canada, Walter has it made by anyone’s standards.


He has two great siblings, a loving home, and all the stuffed animals his little heart desires. He has a great affection for his little stuffed buddies and is lavished in them.

All images: Brenda Ellah

Portia likes Walter just fine…

… but it’s typically Harry and Walter hanging out together.

Then there’s those precious moments when Walter marches to the beat of his own drum, which is what Walter does best.


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