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Several years back my health data was stolen in a data breach at a major health insurance company. It was later determined that the hack on the company was done by China. Although concerning, I didn’t lose any sleep over it thinking nothing would ever come of it. I couldn’t imagine what would.

Within a year of the breach I started getting phone calls from various company reps, speaking in what was clear to me, an oriental accent. They all wanted to discuss my health concerns and offer options for treatment. The first couple of calls I just hung up.

In this day and age I think we’ve all become accustomed to the spam callers and telemarketers and most of us realize that legitimate American based health insurance companies and providers do not just call up random people wanting to discuss their health conditions or sell them products and services for such.

But then I got a call from a company whose rep listed off my health history to me before I could shut her down. I was stunned. She went on to tell me what kind of health services she could offer me right away. She rattle on for some time while I tried to process that some stranger, likely from outside the country, had the most intimate details of my life.

You did read that right. A stranger called me a recited off my past health conditions that only I, my doctor, and past health insurance companies, should know. To this day I don’t know how to wrap my head around it.

Fast forward to Feb. 2022 when The Epoch Times ran this article about the Chinese collecting US citizen DNA and health histories. They gathered US citizen DNA through what appeared to be a good faith act of providing Covid testing for US citizens. It was really just a move to gather even more US Citizen DNA sequencing.

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Chinese Military-Linked Firm Gathers American DNA, Provides COVID Tests

China is “developing the world’s largest bio database,” said Edward You, who is the U.S. national counterintelligence officer for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies. “Once they have access to your genetic data, it’s not something you can change like a  PIN code.”

By the time I read that article I was already of the mind that Covid 19 was created, purposefully, in a lab in China. I believed then, and still do, that it was released into the population on purpose and with forethought. It is my personal opinion that Covid 19 was, and is, a test run for other bio weapons. You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but before you get too worked up and start name calling, read this.

China is collecting the world’s DNA and the reason is sinister: Gordon Chang

With over 80 million health profiles, China has the largest DNA database in the world, and growing. In an interview with Fox News, Chang warned that China plans to use this information to create bioweapons designed to target specific ethnic groups.

This is not a hoax. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not a nasty little rumor.

This is happening.

Have doubts? Verify it it yourself. Go do a web search on any of these topics and you will find information from all corners on any of it. Start with one article. Click the links in the article. Do webs searches for information you see and may not understand. Fall down the rabbit hole and arm yourself with the facts.

Your best defense against anything is to be informed. Nothing is stopping you.

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