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My nephew, Hudson, is pretty into playing ball. He comes from a long line of ball players, mom and dad (coaches themselves) included, and it appears he’ll be carrying on the tradition in good form.
Last game of the season, Hudson was the last batter of the game. He was looking pretty determined to get a hit off the pitcher and not the T.
And a hit he got.
He’s the tiniest guy but bolts like a horse out of the chute.
He smacked it pretty good and off he went.
I could see that first base wasn’t going to be enough.
It’s like dodgeball out there with all the people. Players and coaches and parents.
Moving right along to third base!

And this time, I got him coming home.

No one else around but he is digging in!
And he’s safe!

Last batter, last of the season. Home run! What a way to finish the season out.

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