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That’s a bold statement in the title, made by Ann Moose, but in today’s world it’s understandable. Biden hasn’t even warmed his seat in the oval office but he has sure worn out a couple of pens.

I wanted to drop this video here because I am sure at some point social media bloodhounds will track it down, censor it, try to make Ann look like an idiot, remove it, bury it, or all of the above, and all she is doing is giving her take on the new administration.

And let there be no mistake, she has every right to feel this way and speak out about it- millions agree with her. When the life sustaining medication your child is on goes from $60 to $328 with the swoop of a presidential pen it really is time to wake up people.

Anyway, give this a listen.

There are people behind you, Ann. Thanks for speaking out.

  • Note: I tagged this post as “news”. It is news but nothing you will see in the main stream media. This is what they don’t let you see and trust that you won’t look anywhere beyond them for “news”.

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