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Back home at the Bella Vista I enjoyed the yearly community celebration of freedom in someone else’s yard for the first time in 17 years. Not that I had never been invited, but aside from a couple of years that I had to work, I had my own deck full of company enjoying the day’s festivities.

Michelle and John had Lisa and I over for great company, super tasty food, and a fabulous display of fireworks from the island in the lake from their backyard. It was a really nice time.

Grabbed a couple of fireworks shots although I spent more time fiddling with the settings that shooting. It was fun experimenting and there are a few interesting shots. There are so many I just loaded a few of my faves.

Stella and I had a little fun “night writing”. We’ll be doing this again.

I got several decent fireworks pics but my favorite was this one. Not technically a great image but I never like the “right” ones. The heavy smoke from the fireworks and lack of wind to blow it away made focusing a little tough. The silhouette in the foreground is another photographer (I think from Pittsburg, IL) getting in on the fun.

I just thought it was neat; a picture being made of picture being made.

Here’s the rest of what I got through. I will upload more later; just check back in a few days for the rest. I’m just stupid busy these days.

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