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Last night I shared another great undercover video by Project Veritas with Pfizer exec ,Jordon Trishton Walker, coming clean (bragging to who he thought was a date) about a number of crimes within Pfizer. He had no idea he was being recorded.

He explained Pfizer’s plan for “Directed Evolution“. Live animal testing, rewording of “gain of function”, all so Pfizer can control the next variant of Covid and be ready and waiting with the next booster. Effectively, creating and spreading new variants. According Walker, this makes the American public Pfizer’s “cash cow”.

Immediately after the video was released to the public Walkers online accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even the Pfizer website were scrubbed of all mention of Walker or his position at Pfizer.

Within two hours of the video coming out it had received millions of views. Millions.

Later, James O’Keefe found Walker at a New York deli and confronted about his admissions on the recorded video.

You have to see this new video of that interaction to believe it.

This is what it looks like when leftist nut job gets called out.

Support Project Veritas if you can. They are one of the few organizations out there that are actually providing real journalism and real news and they do it only with the support of people like you and I.

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