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Romey makes himself at home everywhere he goes.

Now, being the only dog, and since our move, Romey has more freedom that he’s ever known.

Over the past few months he’s settled in nicely and makes himself right at home everywhere we go; he goes pratically everywhere with me.

All our regular stops accommodate him in some way. My mom makes him his own plate at dinner!

And who ever said ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks was completely wrong. He stops right outside the door to give me time to lock it when we leave the house, waiting to be told, ok or go, and only then will he descend the steps.

It’s just one of the many talents he has developed since our new adventure began and a far cry from the baby Huey attitude he has presented for the last decade.

He never ceases to amaze. I’m so thankful to have him with me.

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