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It was almost too late to be taking pics but it was a hard day and I was due for a good cruise. So Lisa and I headed out in search of wildlife on their evening feed.

We of course saw deer in pretty much every field we passed. Like I said, it was getting dark, and most were pretty far off but I got a couple of quick shots.

We have some pretty healthy looking deer in Southern Illinois.

What the heck is going on?
To weird for me- I’m out!
Mr. Curious here. Went into the woods and then had to come back for a second look.

The best part of the whole trip was seeing two small dark spots moving in the road. I jumped out to check it out and look what I found!

I love baby coons.

Blacktop is always a bad place for babies to hang out.

I figured momma was nearby so I didn’t grab them up. The last thing I need in the middle of nowhere is an attack from a 30 lb. momma coon.

They sure were cute though- ’bout the size of six week old kittens and really healthy looking.

I managed to shoo them from the road and back into the field.
So cute I had a hard time not just picking ’em up and taking them home with me.

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