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My tiny little hometown has been life on the fringe of modern times for as long as I can remember. It is a well kept little town, too far from almost everything, and no one gets in a hurry about anything, ever.

Here, things are about two decades behind the times and the only people who realize it are people who frequently take time away from here or get the full shock if they actually move away. People who have stayed here their whole lives are oblivious or just don’t care and I don’t know a single one of them that want any of it to change.

Case in point. Population signs. Every time I see one a little voice in m y head says, “Liar, Liar, pants on fire,” and I smile at the wishful thinking.

I mean, are we denying a big population reduction here or leaving outdated signs up hoping people will move back before the numbers fall further?

The sign are almost 500 residents off.

The coons that frequent my mother’s place.

But then there are actual records. Census records, so I think I can depend on those.

I’d love to know the last time they actually changed the population signs around here and when they plan on updating them to the actual numbers. My guess is they are not, ever. Have they not been changed since the 40’s?

The the liberal climate-control-nut-bags have the mines around here closing in the next few years and when that happens this little village will be lucky to be 500 people. This placed boomed in the 20’s with 1400+ people because of the mines. When the mines are gone, so will be this town.

Governmental mismanagement always has and will continue to destroy this resource-rich state.

Denial will destroy this quaint Southern Illinois village.

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