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One of my favorite restaurants (Route 4 Restaurant) dropped a social media post earlier in the day that caught my attention.

It wasn’t to announce another one of their tasty specials but to bring attention to a local artist working on, showing, and selling his art outside the eatery.

I had to check that out. Not a lot of artwork floating about the area and certainly no an artesian at work, on display.

I rolled up to a simple displace of some really nice work.

Whimsical, natural looking characters full of detail with those extra touches making the craftsmanship really pop.

((If Santa is reading… I love the gnome))

Works start at around $80 going up depending on size and detail. Not bad when you consider the time and artistic ability required to create such pieces. – Great holiday gift idea for anyone on your list who loves unique, one of a kind creations.

And did you catch the part about how everything is made with a chainsaw?

Meet the artist, Luca.

Luca was super nice and you could tell he was really into his work. He lives in rural Randolph County so I encouraged him to check the area for spring and fall festivals where he can show off, and I am sure, sell his work. His carvings are unique and detailed and sure to turn a few heads at local gatherings.

You can see Luca’s telephone number in the images above and he has a Facebook and Instagram page.

You have to check out Luca actually creating his art, time accelerated of course. His social media pages have several Reels (videos) showing him at work.

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