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When your life can be laid out in a series of meme don’t feel cheap or cheesy. Take solace (or not) that you are not alone. Someone designed that meme and a million or so people have probably shared it in a bazillion countries, because they too could relate to that image, phrase, or statement in all its simplicity.

But how bizarre it is to be deep in thought on a subject, hit social media, and the first handful of memes describe perfectly what’s keeping your brain on fire most days.

This one pretty much what sums up what happened when I picked up my life and moved it back to where I grew up (a place I thought I would never reside again) pretty much out of the blue. Seriously, I can honestly say that up until it happened, I never thought I would move back to my hometown. Never.

It happened when Covid had just gotten crazy.

I did. I just knew was that something was up and I should just go with that gut feeling. I told my best friend, “Something is coming.”

I questioned my decision many times although I knew something beyond my understanding had brought me back here and I had to trust that. Just about the time I was feeling really unsure my mom got sick; and I mean really, really sick.

It started with cancer and she had to have half of her lung removed. We were lucky and they got it (cancer) all. She recovered quickly and was doing great. Within weeks she had a stroke, then came the heart attack, Covid, cardiac cath and a surgery to correct it that required 32 staples, and oh, another stroke right after that cath,

All of this happened in about a 14 months timeframe. Between each major event has been a plethora of odd health issue. Torn tendons, palsy symptoms that are not palsy, nerve issues, neurological issues, back issues, torn tendon for no reason, and many other things. It all began with my mom just shortly after her jabs and booster. And even though she has exhibited a cat like recovery on almost all of it, symptoms just keep coming.

The circumstance surrounding covid, and those God forsaken vaccines, are foremost in my mind most days.

I started following Covid related topics as soon as they named it. I followed every single expert I could find on the subject even before they were censored. As soon as the censorship started I made it a point to follow those who fell victim to it. I just knew they were being shut up for a reason. I began taking in all my news from alternate news sources and places where you have to know how, to find them.

I tried to warn people. I lost friends. Got called a nut-job conspiracy-theorist more than once. My own mother’s favorite question has been, “Where do you get all this stuff.” She’s never heard of it except from me.

She doesn’t want to either.

I have never in my life been so sick feeling about being right.

When I say I follow everything surrounding Covid, I mean that I read, watch, and listed to every single piece of information I can find on Covid and anyone writing or speaking about it. I am just one of those “some college” people, but I have read so many medical papers by now that I can actually understand what they mean. It makes keeping up easier when you are watching a gallery of physicians, biologists, chemists, scientists, pathologist, cardiologist, etc. during a three day conference on Covid, cause, and possible solutions.

At the point these memes came up I had just finished reading the latest from Dr. Robert McCullough on substack and a plethora of other material on Covid, its origins, and the lies we’ve all been told for so long. I had just read several “Died Suddenly” reports, mostly young men and in the fittest condition, just gone. Dead in their sleep, some with heart attacks, strokes, some falling over during exertion. Some were very young children. Babies gone in a blink. All vaccinated. All being totally ignored by main stream media as they continue to push the jab now included on the childhood schedule of vaccines.

I was thinking of something I am asked frequently. “Why does any of it matter to you? You didn’t get the jab.”

It matters to me because:

  1. People I care about, who are/have been vaccinated have become very ill following the jabs. I know two that have died. New symptoms pop up all the time. No one is recognizing the cause publicly therefore nothing is being done to stop it.
  2. NO ONE in the main stream medical industry will speak up because they are afraid to lose there license to practice medicine? They cannot go against the hospitals that employ their practices or big Pharma who runs the whole show for everyone. Those that have spoken out find themselves before medical boards, censored, and are threatened with loosing the right to practice, or have actually lost their license.
  3. Read up on shedding. It is believed that the spike protein causes vaccinated people to shed that protein. I am in close contact with the vaccinated and that is not going to change. Shedding is a very real deal. Consequences have yet to be determined.
  4. “Died Suddenly” is a real thing. People are dropping dead for no apparent reason, and listen up, it happens when they are driving cars, flying planes, running heavy equipment, driving semi’s down the road, doing your next surgery, etc. Think about that the next time you pass a semi truck coming at you on the highway as it hauls a 40-60 foot trailer full of tons of who-knows-what. Don’t blink.
  5. Half of our country is vaccinated. Other countries have a higher percentage than that. The coming months and years I fear will be devastating to the population and therefore a major blow to food, economy, and life as a whole, for those that manage to live through it. We are all going to lose people we care about much sooner than would have been expected because of this vaccine.
  6. The Covid vaccination was added to the childhood immunization schedule just a few weeks ago. That means that there be those trying to shove that toxic bullshit into my grandchildren, and yours, just so they can attend school. That really matters to me.

All of this and so much more matters to me because it all affects me and those I love- generations of them. Jabbed or not, we are all in this together and we will all suffer for it.

And because of all of this, it also matters to me that a handful of treacherous, money hungry, power thirsty, freaks caused everything that is Covid; the lies, the death and illness, and the cover up. And they don’t care even though the truth is finally trickling out. In the face of that truth they just double down and lie more. I have never seen anything like it in my lifetime. It is surreal.

Adding insult to injury, those same powers continue to push a toxic substance on an entire population knowing full well the illness and death caused by the Covid 19 vaccinations. They have always known; we were just the rats in the lab.

Fact: They created the virus long before it leaked.
Fact: They (and our own government) funded it.
Fact: They lied about the leak
Fact: They covered it up.

I still think they let it lose.

Like I said, my stance on all of this and my attempt to warn anyone who would listen remains the same no matter how many people turn their backs or call me a nut.


How’s that for accuracy on the memes?

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