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Meta, parent company of Facebook, fired its Executive Manager of Community Development, Jeren Andrew Miles, after he’s caught on video allegedly trying to meet up with what he thought was a 13-year-old boy.

Jeren Miles

PCI Predator Catchers Indianapolis worked and undercover sting operation on Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio where they videoed their interaction with Miles, showing up to meet him instead of the teenage boy he was expecting.   

Miles is 36 years old and lives in Palm Springs, California. Aside from previously holding a top-level position with Meta, he was an Exec for Lyft and sits on the board of directors for LGBTQ+ group, Equality California.

Throughout the video Miles can be heard admitting to knowing the age of the boy on the other end of the messenger. And while he states he was merely “flirting” with the teen, content of the chats was explicit and sexually inappropriate.

“I was flirting; I was talking to him,” Miles admitted. But “there was never any intention of ever meeting up with him.”

Later in the video Miles admits to discussing with the boy, him coming to meet Miles at his motel.

Not long after the video was out in the cyber world Miles deleted all of his social media accounts.

Later, a spokesman for Meta told The Daily Caller that Miles is “no longer with the company.”

“The seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated,” the spokesperson said. “The individual is no longer employed with the company. We are actively investigating this situation and cannot provide further comment at this time

Miles isn’t the first Facebook exec to leave the company after an underage sex sting. In 2017, the former head of computer vision, Oculus, was fired after attempting to meet an undercover officer who he thought was a 15-year-old girl.

It’s interesting that during the live video sting one of Miles’ previous victims, John from church camp, called in to express himself to Miles.

And if that’s not strange enough, the mother of Jeren Miles found out about the live video featuring her adult son, and called the motel complaining that her son was being harassed. Subsequently PCI Predator Catchers Indianapolis was asked to leave the premise.

PCI intends to turn over all the information collected, to authorities, but it’s a toss up as to what might happen. Some states are skilled at prosecuting cases like this while other states still won’t touch them. According to one of PCI’s members in the video, Ohio will not prosecute cases unless they are conducted by law enforcement.

Bottom line: Jeren Miles is now infamous, jobless, and cut off from all social ties except (likely) for his mother.

Although hard prison time for Jeren would be ideal, life as he knew it is now over. He is now living in a prison of his own making. I’m not sure a life behind bars could be much worse.

I’ve embed the video like I normally do, but because it has an age limitation you will be directed to Youtube to view it.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the embed:

Give it a watch. All two hours of it. The commentary at the end by PCI members is worth checking out.  

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