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I love my new home, and yard, and yes, there are critters here.

But I miss terribly my office window, back in my Missouri woods. Back where I had all day interaction with wildlife in a secluded lake neighborhood, miles from town, nestled in the woods.

This was my daily window.

This momma squirrel and I became best pals. She would at least try everything I put on her plate. She enjoyed oranges but wouldn’t touch them unless they were sliced. She brought three litters of babies to the window, to eat, over time.

My view was a constant cascade of everything nature. Squirrels, birds in wide variety, bugs, raccoons, opossums, snakes, mice, voles, and the list could continue for awhile.

I never knew what I might wake up to in my window, and it was amazing.

The Titmouse is my favorite bird and several families lived in my woods. They were at my window all day long, feasting on sunflower seeds; their favorite.
Just the other side of my windowsill. We were lunch partners.
I got up close and personal with a wide variety of birds. What a beauty this Indigo Bunting was.
The Cardinals were prolific in the area, and at my feeder.
Purple finches were in great supply as well.
The Purple Finch, a docile little bird, waits patiently in line for the big bowl of seeds. The Grosbeak will snatch his up soon enough and be on his way.
Nighttime visitors were a joy as well.

All of this, out of my office or bedroom window, everyday, without fail. Trust me, if the feeders were empty I had visitors waiting for me on the stoop.

I miss that so much. I miss that view and the connection with the animals. Living in town, albeit on the edge, I just don’t have the habitat to attract this kind of attention from wildlife. Not in my office window; not yet.

I am out to change that. Contact me if you have any ideas on how to start building a beautiful habitat in the empty front corner of my yard.

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