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Crystal is my Momma’s kitty.
She showed up at Mom’s and mom brought her in. A few weeks later she had a litter of kittens. She’s all fixed now.

Just a few months ago, Crystal was a feral stray in my mother’s back yard. She couldn’t have been more than six months old before she became my mom’s cat, complete with a belly fully of kittens.

Mom had let her in by the time we realized she was pregnant and all the kittens were born super healthy, indoors. They have all gone on to their new homes. Crystal was spayed as soon as they were weaned.

Mom’s recovering from and illness right now so Crystal is hanging out here with me and my fur babes for awhile. She loves laying up in my plants where she can hide out or under my desk on a plump pillow.

She is the tiniest little thing with medium long hair that’s like satin threads.

Oddly enough, she has the same coloring as my cat, also name Crystal, but my Crystal has very long hair.

The Crystals, they are not friends, yet.

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