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This little gem was released Dec. 2017, and somehow I missed it back then. I say “gem” because it’s a semi horror/ thriller type flic that doesn’t come off cheesy. I love a good horror flic; I abhor cheesy.

Stars Maggie Q as Alice, a sleep study doctor, falling into a case of real horror. Also starring Kristen Bush, Sam Troughton, Will Kemp, William Hope and Sylvester McCoy.

My friend Teresa would love this one; probably a good one for pillow gripping. I promise it will make you think twice if your kid complains of nightmares.

Have a look.

Note sure where all you can stream it online but I watched it on Amazon Prime.

*Amazon requires me to let you know that any purchases you make through links on my website racks up a little change on my affiliate account. If you have a Prime account the movie is free.

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