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One of the great things about moving back home has been the ability to jump in the car, on a nice summer evening, and take a good old fashioned country cruise. I can get around the backroads in my sleep around here and probably did at some point in my youth.

Romey and I, we like to check out the deer and this Southern Illinois landscape never fails to produce.

Farmers are cutting wheat right now so grain is scattered like a feed lot in every golden field you see. Of course beans to are on the menu as well. And the corn…It won’t be long for the corn harvest and deer will be out in mass for it.

They scare me to death at 55 mph but they are fabulous to behold on a country road at an idol or standstill.

Mom and Hudson accompanied Romey and I on this cruise and we started seeing deer within minutes of leaving the city limits. Heads started popping up in the uncut wheat. We saw multiples in almost ever open field we passed.

Most of the images are shots at a distance but we managed to get right up along side a couple of the nosier ones before they bolted off.

Hudson didn’t seem all that impressed, but I think Mom enjoyed the ride as much as me.

Hope you enjoy the images.

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