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My Mama’s Blankets

My mother has been crocheting now for 44 years.. Occasionally, Sally must clean out her closet.

Saying that my mother loves to crochet may be the understatement that breaks the internet today. She takes great pride in her work and it shows; the quality of her afghans is second to none. Some of her work is done in strategic patterns and others are just a crazy connection of color after color. Everything depends on her mood and of course what yarn she has in her basket. Every piece she does is uniquely made with quality yarn and handcrafted with care.

Times being what they are, and her talent being what it is, Mama’s willing to let go of a few of these cozy-soft, afghans she’s got hoarded up in her “cabinet”.

After all, it’s cold here in the Midwest and these make great treats for yourself or gifts for infants, children, and adults!

With prices starting at just $15 you can’t go wrong.

  • Each piece is priced depending on the time and material. I honestly don’t know how she even gets her money back on some of these.
  • All are priced as marked (under the image along with size and item number)
  • Please refer to the item number when contacting me or my mom
  • Local pick up in Coulterville, IL.
  • Shipping is available. Contact me with your address so I can get you a shipping cost
  • 100% of the money goes to my mom

Click each image for a larger view.

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