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I’ve always been an animal lover but had never paid an incredible amount of attention to birds until recent years. That’s weird really, since I live in the boonies, nestled in the trees, and a stone’s throw from a lake. Birds are thick in my neighborhood. Suffice to say that when my neighbor began handling birds that frequent his feeders I was intrigued.

Dwight lives on the other side of our lake. He’s quite the character and can be seen frequently making a lap around the lake. He tells a great story and he and his wife Kelly are as laid back as them come. Dwight frequently makes posts on Facebook about adventures he experiences on his walks, each mixed with a little fact, a little fiction, and a whole lot of in-between.

Dwight and Kelly also live nestled in the woods so it’s for sure that they have a wide variety of birds visiting their yard. It’s no surprise that the couple makes sure they’re eating well.

Last week, as I opened my Facebook, Dwight’s post was the first in my feed. I might have thought he was telling a Dwight tale as I read his words until I saw the pictures below the post.

American Goldfinch | Image courtesy Dwight Owens

My wonderfully crazy neighbor is handling the wild birds at his feeders.

Lesser Goldfinch| Image courtesy Dwight Owens

The birds in the images are finches but I believe two different varieties; American Goldfinch and Lesser Goldfinch.

Finches on the feeder |Image courtesy Dwight Owens

You have a look and decide which ones are which.

Dwight “petting” the Finches | Image courtesy Dwight Owens

I don’t believe Dwight has ever met a stranger. His yard birds are no exception and seem perfectly comfortable receiving affection from him.

If the bird situation is not crazy enough, I hear he has a grass carp that follows him along his daily walks. But that’s a story for another time (when I get permission to use the video).

If you are interested in birds and bird watching or simply identifying what’s hanging out at your feeders, please check out my favorite bird reference website, Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Everything you ever wanted to know about birds can be found there. I warn you though, you might be awhile.

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