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Somehow I always end up with office windows more than the average few feet from ground level. Makes placing a feeder difficult at best, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Enter the shower caddy 🙂 Best thing I can find until I can get a 4×4 in the ground.

I haven’t been able to catch the females with the camera yet but the males are plentiful. These colorful little finches started hanging out at my window feeder a week or so ago.

This fella is pretty sharp and shapely looking and doesn’t mind a shot or two.

Others are a little scruffier looking and not as brave. Ole Sneaky Pete- he sneaks up on the side waiting to see if I will look.

He peeps around and tries to see through the glass which I am sure is casting much of his own reflection.

The House Finch is plentiful from coast to coast and fills it’s habitat with a lovely song. They love the sunflower seeds available to them daily.

Read more interesting details about the House Finch and listen to their song at the Audubon Field Guide.

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