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Everyone loves a gift basket and I keep a few baskets on hand; all sizes. Let’s do up a basket of smell goodz, squeeze in a beautiful blanket (afghan) made by my Mama, and pop in a plant for good measure.

To order: Send an email to or click here use my contact form.
I’ll send you a total and we will set up a time for pickup/delivery/shipping.

$ 5.25 each / Buy 6 or more and get them for $5 each. 

(Estimated shipping costs - 2 bar min. starts at $4. Estimate 6 bar shipment $8)

Wax Melts

$ 5.25 each / Buy 6 or more and get them for $5 each. | (Estimated shipping costs – 2 bar min. starts at $4. Estimate 6 bar shipment $8)

Almont Croissant
A-Peeling Apple
Apple Butter Frosting
Baked Apple Pie
Blue Grotto
Blue Hyacinths
Candy Crave
Coconut Daiquiri
Coffee Tree
Evergreen & Grapefruit
Fiji Flower
Fresh Cut Daises
Jade & Jasmine
Jet Set Go
Kahiko Kula
Love Story
Mad for Melon
Magnolia Linen

Mandarin & Mango Nectar
Mulberry Bush
My Hero
My Wish
Oh Snap Dragon
Oodles of Orange
Painted Leaves
Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze
Palo Santo
Pink Sugarberry Mint
Plumeria Peach
Rockin Ruby Razz
Scary Good
Summer Soleil
Spring Forward
Strawberry Swirl
Water Melon Patch

Body Mist

Fragrance Flower

$15 each

  • Vanilla Bean
  • Blue Grotto

Great for small rooms and desk areas.

Body Mist

$8 each

  • Prickly Pear &Agave
  • Cozy Cardigan

Scented Butterfly

Coconut Daiquiri
Blue Agave & Melon

$7 each

Minnie Mouse (Full Size)

Large, super plush, with Love
and Kisses, Minnie scent pak.


Buddy Clip

Filled with scented beads,.

Great for backpacks.
Nemo & Dumbo
$13 each

Room Sprays

$7 each

Available in:

  • Stargazing
  • Welcome Home
  • Almond Croissant
  • Plumaria Peach
  • Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze
  • Scary Good
  • Churro,Churro
  • A-Peeling Apple
  • Mohito Mambo

Scent Circles

Great for any small space (car, closet, drawer, etc.)

Available in:
Pumpkin Roll
Saddle Up
Eskimo Kiss
Sugar Cookie

$2.25 each

Diffusing oils

Set of natural oils contains one
of each of the following:

Sandal Season
Bikini Martini
Totally Tropical
5 ml each
$15 set

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