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Looks like the Donelson’s are really up the creak this time. Warrants issued for failure to appear.

After all these years they were finally charged for scamming people, using the sale of animals (sometimes animals that didn’t even exist) as a con. Make a deal with a potential buyer, get a deposit on the pet, and then split, leaving the buyer out of cash and no contact.

They’ve been reported to authorities in multiple states, dozens of times.

Seems that when the couple didn’t show up for court the law went looking for them. When they arrived at the residence the couple had fled leaving most of their belongings behind. No big surprise- they’ve bugged out before.

Check out the newscast video by KY3 TV.

By Ashley Reynolds Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 5:17 PM CST

I still contend it’s far more than sixty people scammed. Jordan and James have been at this for years. Countless animal welfare advocates have tried to pin them down in one spot long enough to get them brought up on charges but were never successful. Authorities are always one step behind.

If you have any information about this couple, contact reporter Ashley Reynolds. She’s been following the couple for more than a year and I think is determined to bring them to justice.

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