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Today I visited with a lifelong friend who has health issues to such a degree I mistakenly assumed he would be “up on” the implications of the infamous Covid 19 vaccinations and boosters. He knew enough of the danger to try and explain to me why he had taken the shot, twice, but seemed oblivious to the magnitude of the situation. I caught myself trying to fill him in until I found myself overwhelmed describing vaccine injury caused to people close to me.

Quickly realizing he had no real knowledge about the number of deaths caused by the treatment of Covid and the vaccinations that cause heart problems, sudden death, collapsed immune systems, cancer, and a whole plethora of other ill effects, I just shut myself off. I have seen that deer-in-the-headlight look from so many people in this small, rural, place, and it is gut wrenching to me.

As I left his house I was sure he must be thinking that I had, at long last, lost my mind.

Some little thing inside of me wanted him to spend his next online reading time looking for information about what I had told him, partly because I wanted him to realized what has happened to him and to look for ways to improve his health and/or ways to counteract harms of the vaccines, and selfishly in part because I wanted him to understand that I haven’t gone off the deep end just yet.

There’s another part of me though, that doesn’t want him to find out what’s really going on inside of his body because of those deadly vaccines. I don’t want him to experience the anger he will feel when he realizes how terribly he was lied to when he took those shots; deceived by people he trusted the most. I don’t want him to experience the fear that’s sure to follow when/if he learns what those shots are really made of, what they were designed to do, and what they do to the human body.

There will be fury when/if he ever realizes that it was all done with intentions that have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with power, money, and control; key things in this world than cannot function independently of one another.

I came home and picked up some reading. The first story in one of my independent news lineups was more of the emerging documentation from Pfizer; the documents they wanted to take seventy five years to release to the public until the courts forced them to begin releasing it all, thousands of pages at a time.

Shared from The Daily Clout
April 29, 2023 • by Amy Kelly, Program Director of the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project

The batch of Pfizer clinical trial documents released in April 2023 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under court order contains a shocking, eight-page document titled, “Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review.” The data in the Cumulative Review span “…from the time of drug product development to 28-FEB-2021.” A Pfizer employee, Robert T. Maroko, approved the Review on April 20, 2021. (p. 8)

This document is among the most horrifying yet to emerge into public view. It reveals that both Pfizer and the FDA knew by early 2021 that Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine, BNT162b2, resulted in horrible damage to fetuses and babies. (Though I arrived at the conclusions in this article on my own from reviewing the document linked here, Sonia Elijah previously covered some of this same material on April 22nd on TrialSiteNews and on April 26th on Substack and Redacted.) Pfizer tabulated:

  • Adverse events in over 54% of cases of “maternal exposure” to vaccine (248 out of 458)“Maternal exposure” is defined on pp. 1-2 as: “PTs Maternal exposure timing unspecified, Maternal exposure during pregnancy, Maternal exposure before pregnancy, Exposure during pregnancy.” These definitions imply that Pfizer may have been looking at damage to women and babies that could result from intercourse, inhalation, and skin contact prior to pregnancy, as Pfizer defines “exposure” including all three in its protocol (Protocol Amendment 14, https://www.phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/125742_S1_M5_5351_c4591001-interim-mth6-protocol.pdf, pp. 213, 246, 398, 431, 575, 607, 751, 783, 918, 948, 1073, 1103, 1226, 1255, 1378, 1406, 1522, 1549, 1663, 1688, 1813, 1836, 1949, 1969, 2081, 2100, 2211, 2228, and 2337.)
  • Pfizer’s tally of damages to fetuses and babies includes:
    • “53 reports [or 21% – 53/248] of spontaneous abortion (51)/ abortion (1)/ abortion missed (1) following BNT162b2 vaccination.” (p. 4). A “missed abortion” is “an empty gestational sac, blighted ovum, or a fetus or fetal pole without a heartbeat prior to completion of 20 weeks 0 days gestation.” (https://www.acog.org/practice-management/coding/coding-library/billing-for-interruption-of-early-pregnancy-loss)
    • Fetal tachycardia (irregular heart rate faster than 180 beats per minute) that required early delivery and hospitalization of the affected newborn for five days. “The clinical outcome of fetal tachycardia was unknown.” (p. 2)
    • Six premature labor and delivery cases (p. 3) resulting in:
      • Two newborn deaths. Cause of death for one baby “was cited as extreme prematurity with severe respiratory distress and pneumothorax.” Pfizer stated the other death was due to “premature baby less than 26 weeks and severe respiratory distress and pneumothorax.” Note that newborn pneumothorax is a condition where air leaks out of the lung and collects between the lung and the chest wall.
      • Newborn severe respiratory distress. (Note: California midwife, Ellen Jasmer, has described exactly this phenomena happening in her practice in a recent DailyClout interview.)

It is not just fetuses and newborn babies that Pfizer calmly noted were being damaged in the company’s internal records. Pfizer also recorded multiple harms to babies through the milk of vaccinated mothers. According to Pfizer in the Cumulative Review, 19% (41/215) of babies in Pfizer’s records exposed to the company’s COVID mRNA vaccine via their mothers’ breast milk were recorded as suffering from 48 different categories of adverse events* (pp. 6-7). These included:

Read the rest of the article and view the actual documents at: https://dailyclout.io/bombshell-pfizer-and-the-fda-knew-in-early-2021-that-the-pfizer-mrna-covid-vaccine-caused-dire-fetal-and-infant-risks-they-began-an-aggressive-campaign-to-vaccinate-pregnant-women-anyway/

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