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Seven months ago I shared with you a video about the beginnings of COVID-19 and the path to follow in order to find the people responsible for it all. It was all about how Anthony Fauci funneled tax payer dollars into the COVID-19 virus study. What’s worse is the implications are that he profits from it.

And when the US Government told Fauci that he had to stop working with the virus, he simply moved his operation offshore to China, to the Wuhan lab, where he continued his research and still, with our money.

It also outlines the power grab to come, of the government over its people. Yes, We the People.

It was stunning actually, how much backlash the film received as it did provide a great many undisputable facts. The obvious campaign to discredit the documentary and Dr. Judy Mikovits, who was interviewed for the film, was treacherous. Critics socially and professionally roasted the doctor and did remarkable damage to her career and life as a whole. Lies were published about her and although later proven untrue had already done their intended damage. Critics raged, debunked, and discredited anyone associated with or promoting anything to do with Plandemic Indoctornation.

However, as we all now know, it came out that Fauci was indeed involved at the Wuhan lab, provided funding, but refused to admit the research was for gain of function. “Gain of function” is what made COVID-19 transmittable to humans; the original virus was only present in bats.

But even when questioned before congress Fauci denied his involvement in the research; denied the funding of gain of function research at all, and even call Senator Rand Paul a liar.

New documents released this week show that Fauci has not only been lying about his involvement in the pandemic, but actively working with China from the beginning to cover it all up.

Now, who didn’t see that coming?

From the beginning, whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan, has held that COVID-19 is an “unrestricted bioweapon“. More recently she indicated the the virus was intentionally leaked by the Chinese Communist Party in retaliation to financial hardships imposed on them by the Trump administration.

So check out the documentary, Plandemic Indoctornation. It is a decent watch and totally worth the time. Everyone in America should see it, especially now.

You will learn something (much), I promise.

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