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Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker

No question that Illinois government is as crooked as they come. I knew before the age of ten that I was perfectly safe associating the words crooked, corrupt, criminal, and underhanded, when describing my home state.

Nothing has changed since I was a kid; it’s only gotten worse.

From 1976 to 2019, Illinois had 2,152 federal convictions, making it the second-most corrupt state on a per-capita basis, behind Louisiana, the report said. Even though the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) isn’t a state, it had a percapita public corruption conviction rate that was six to 10 times higher than either Louisiana or Illinois. California, New York and Florida had more convictions than Illinois in the 43-year period, but their populations are larger. Illinois had 32 total corruption convictions in 2019, including 26 from the Chicago-based Northern District. Even though convictions declined in recent years, the Chicago area’s cumulative total of 1,770 convictions, with an average of 42 convictions each year, made it the most corrupt in the nation, the report said.’- Read more at the Pantagraph.

After reading the following news I am not sure I can come up with an adjective strong enough, appropriate enough, to describe what lines the state has crossed now.

Springfield, IL -(Effingham Radio)- SB 818 will update Illinois’ standards for the teaching of sexual education in K-12.

Last Friday Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 818 into law, which will require every Illinois school that teaches sex education to conform to a set of national sex and health education standards beginning in kindergarten.  The law goes into effect immediately.

In accordance with these standards, children as young as eight will learn about gender identity and sexual orientation.  Children as young as eleven will learn about different types of sex, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. 

This bill was hotly debated and passed the House with only the minimum number of votes.  Organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Illinois have applauded Gov. Pritzker for signing the bill.

State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) issued the following statement, “The National Sex Education Standards include sexually explicit material that has no place in our classrooms.  This curriculum is totally inappropriate.  I am going to encourage our schools to not teach any sex education at all in order to avoid being required to teach to these standards.  If schools do adopt the curriculum, my office will provide parents with the information and the form needed to opt their children out of the training.”

The National Sex Education Standard was published by SIECUS in 1964 and is reviewed and updated on a yearly basis as new information comes out. The educational guideline set by The National Sex Education Standard is in the link provided. siecus.org/…ds/2018/07/Guidelines-CSE.pdf

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