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Truth still matters. Facts still matter. And because I like to be abreast of truth and facts, I follow Project Veritas pretty closely. They get it right, over and over again, and present facts about topics other media outlets won’t touch and social media fights to silence. Especially facts about the mainstream media itself.

Take the New York Times for example.

Looks Pulitzer Prize winning, New York Times journalist, Matthew Rosenberg, was the star of one of Veritas’ latest undercover “exposures”.

• Discusses CIA / NSA Sources; ‘Ridiculous Pee Tape Didn’t Exist’-“It involved CIA and NSA. It involved Trump and involved that ridiculous, like, ‘pee tape’, which of course doesn’t exist.”
• Rosenberg said his collogues at the NYT were “not the clearest thinkers, some of them” before calling the people that end up at the paper “very neurotic people.”
• On the NYT’s ongoing lawsuit with Project Veritas: “James O’Keefe, that was a f*ck up. We may well lose that one.”

When interviewed by James O’Keefe, Rosenberg said he “absolutely” stands by the comments made in the undercover footage.

And just to make sure the point was well taken, O’Keefe goes back to Mark Mazzetti after the exposer with Rosenberg was released and viewed by millions.


Well, at least from the NYT camp. I guess they figure they have said enough.

Here’s some of the collected fallout from the viral Veritas videos.

NY Post - UnmaskNYT graphic.jpgFox News - Unmask NYT graphic.jpgWashington Examiner - UnmaskNYT graphic.jpg Jack Posobiec - Unmask NYT.jpgBenny Johnson - Unmask NYT.jpgMadison Cawthorn - Unmask NYT.jpgScreen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.48.57 PM.png Unmask NYT trending.jpg UnmaskNYT banned.jpgDeepStateNYT banned.jpg 

Guess Twitter didn’t like what the accounts UnmaskNYT and DeepStateNYT had to say since their accounts appear to have been suspended. No censorship there, Huh?

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