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The follow is video taken at public hearings in the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico concerning the adverse effects of the covid “vaccine,” published Jan. 18,2023

You will hear testimony from Elizabeth Torres, Delegate elected to the U.S. Congress from Puerto Rico, about what she saw in the microscope with her own eyes , looking at the actual vaccine, test swabs, and her own blood and urine samples.

Torres discusses hair like fragments, box shapes, tubular looking objects, circles, all moving, coming together, and forming new structures within the vaccines and her own bloodwork and urinalyses.

Like all of us, vaccinated or not, she wants to know what is living inside of us.

Not vaccinated? What about the PCR testing they jabbed up your nose? I remember asking the nurse in full hazmat who administered my test just what exactly she had planted in the back of my head. I have always felt like I was right about that.

Then there is the question of shedding.

Watch here…

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