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A rare wolverine sighting has left experts surprised (Representative Image)

A rare sighting of the elusive wolverine has surprised wildlife officials in the US.

I might have been surprised if I had seen a wolverine on the beach. How about you?

Washington state’s Long Beach Peninsula has is all now. Not that I would feel safe strolling on the beach with a wolverine.

Check both links (CNN and the source link) for more details.

“He was like ‘You didn’t see a wolverine,'” said Ms Henry.

The animal was photographed at Washington State’s Long Beach Peninsula by Jennifer Henry, according to CNN. In fact, so rare is a wolverine sighting on a beach that when Ms Henry first approached a wildlife official and said that she had seen one, he did not believe her. 

Read more at source: Rare Wolverine Sighting Surprises Wildlife Officials
Written by Sanya Jain

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