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Everyone is talking about Dominion Voting Systems.And the more you delve in, the weirder and more alarming it gets. Take for example what Rebel News discovered on their recent trip to Dominion HQ in Toronto just a few days ago.

First off, they shared a document that they say shows that Dominion donated up to $50 THOUSAND dollars to help get Hillary elected. WHAT?

If that’s accurate, why in God’s name do we have a partisan progressive company wielding this much power in US elections? This is complete insanity. But that’s not the only bombshell Rebel News dropped…while they were at Dominion HQ they discovered that they share not just an office, but an entire office floor with a socialist company that is reportedly known to meddle in US politics and social issues like crazy.

And wait until you see how Dominion is trying to hide that little fact from the public….Rebel busted that wide open as well…

See the full story at the source: BREAKING VIDEO: Rebel News Went to Dominion HQ in Toronto And Discovered a Shocking New Left-Wing Connection – America Latest News

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